About us

Since November 2015 Fatiha Buana Semesta has been serving the needs of testing equipment with world-class advanced products. Fatiha Buana Semesta has developed its businesses to analytical instrument, laboratory equipment, survey equipment, medical equipment, calibration, quality control, field work, production process, environment and safety, encompassing various with advanced technologies for implementation in different industry sectors ranging from oil and gas, power plant, petrochemicals, metal fabrication, inspection companies, aviation, fertilizer, automotive, electronic, education and government research.
Our main marketing objectives are to prioritize premium technical support, problem solving for client applications and a wide selection of advanced products to meet the needs according to the application. With rich experience and commitment to technical expertise, we strive to continuously improve the quality of our services in all customers both in terms of sales, product quality, technical service and after sales service.
Our services include after sales service warranty, technical assistance, training, calibration and updates on the latest technology to customers. Most importantly, our team's main goal is serving our partner to achieve their goals with our excellent services.

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