Shaw Tool kits are assemblages of parts which are necessary for portable core drill substrate penetration and sampling. Parts such as extensions or bits can be added to the kits as desired.
The 25 mm kit of equipment is best for investigations in which large diameter cores are not critical. It is faster cutting and requires less water than our 41 mm OD and 51 mm OD equipment. The most popular of the three sizes of the Shaw portable core drill, 41 mm OD drill string, can be comfortably advanced to a depth of 20 m. It produces a small (36 mm) BQ rock core.
The Shaw engine drill reliably delivers a high ratio of power to in-hand weight (1450 watts (2 hp.), / 8.2 kg (18 lb.) for a dependable, non-racing kind of two stroke engine. Its planetary gearbox is efficient (less than 5% energy loss) and resistant to gear damage (three points gear contact).
From the experience, in the initial test of our Shaw Core Drill I cut several cores in jade. This material was fractured but I found that I could retrieve core fragments as intact cores with the Shaw core catcher. I was able to cut cores of sixteen to twenty inches in length before retrieval was necessary. I began by using a lot of water but soon found that very little was actually needed. I found also that the 26 cc Tanaka engine of the kit uses very little fuel even at maximum power output. Our exploration horizon has definitely expanded beyond placer with the introduction of this hard rock exploration tool.