In this glassware, to fulfill demand of laboratory equipment, especially for the volumetric ware are made some in accordance with Japan Industrial Standard (JIS). All product indicated with put JIS mark on product. JIS our product are in accordance with JIS R3505 and was certified by the Japan Quality Assurance and we provide a guaranteed product quality.
In ISO product, for demand of laboratory product, we want introduce our new product volumetric ware with ISO specification. Tolerance volume of products calibration and interchange able ground joint applied to each ISO standard product and all the products volumetric ware already use Batch Certificate.
On volumetric glassware we testing of volume with conform to ISO4787. The standard temperature of volumetric laboratory ware is intended to contain or deliver its nominal volume (nominal capacity) shall be 20 0C. When it is necessary in tropical countries to work at an ambient temperature considerably above 20 0C, and these countries do not wish to use the standard reference temperature of 20 0C, it is recommended that they adopt a temperature of 27 0C.