Our handheld XRF provides immediate, on-site elemental measurements for a range of geochemical applications. XRF analyzers provide power and flexibility across the entire mineral resource cycle for greenfield and brownfield exploration, Ore grade and process control, environmental monitoring and remediation, academic/educational research and teaching within the geological/environmental sciences.
Our handheld XRF is IP 65* rated to withstand rain, dirt, and dust and are drop tested to department of defense standards (MIL-STD-810G) to help prevent breakages and costly repairs.
Our XRF analyzers are effectively used across a range of mineral deposit types including:
- Nickel sulfide and laterite deposits
- Base metals such as Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag, and Mo
- Gold, including pathfinders, and litho-geochemistry
- Rare earth elements (REEs) such as La, Ce, Pr, and Nd and REE pathfinders including Y, Th, and Nb
- Phosphates, potash, limestone, magnesite, and other industrial minerals
- Epithermal Sn, W, Mo, Bi, and Sb deposits
- Mineral sands such as Ti and Zr
Our handheld XRF analyzer for geochemistry feature software designed in cooperation with industry experts to help meet the needs of mineral resource, environmental companies, and educational institutions. Integrated GPS enables users to instantly geo-reference exploration and environmental samples. Connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® gives users the flexibility to send results to base in real-time and seamlessly integrate data into third-party geological software programs.