Oil Analysis (often called an oil testing, oil analysis monitoring). Oil sample testing technology is according to regularly monitor the lube oil or motor oil’s physical, and chemical performance, wear metal and contaminant particles.
We have unit using optical microscope and the system is designed for excellent optical performance, reproducible observation conditions, and repeatability, which helps our oil testing instrument used in engine oil analysis, lube oil analysis, motor oil test, oil sample analysis, engine oil testing. At the same time, this cleanliness inspection system helps minimize human error by automating critical tasks. Supported standard ISO4406, ISO4407, ISO16232, NAS1638, SAE AS4059E etc..
We have unit portable oil particle counter can be used to detect oil in laboratory or on-site, and also can be installed on the systems of the various hydraulic drive, lubricant, oil filter press, washing machine, test bench, etc, to achieve online detection for system oil cleanness. The interface component is optional based on actual demand.