Our XRD is rugged, fully portable field instrument which harnesses advanced dual XRD/XRF technology and renders it for earth-bound applications. Our XRD analyzer has robust features that make it a lightweight and nearly maintenance-free substitute to traditional XRD.
Using a specifically developed direct excitation charge coupled device (CCD) “camera”, Our XRD is able to collect X-ray photon data for both X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF) simultaneously. This is the result of the integrated camera’s ability to detect both photon position and photon energy at the same time. With energy resolution of ~200 eV (5.9 keV), Our unit makes XRF analysis as simple as viewing the software spectrum display.
The portable XRD analyzer can be connected to the user’s devices using wireless capabilities, exclusive small sample holder needs only 15 mg of sample. Our portable XRD can runs without the need for external power, water cooling, compressed gas, a secondary chiller, or external transformer, thus maintaining the cost of ownership at a low level and we have software to simplify the workflow with a single dashboard, easy data export, preset calibrations, and automatic data transfer.