In-situ/Field metallography is widely used for microstructure analysis on large parts (samples) that cannot be easily carried or where destructive preparation is not permissible such as storage tanks, piping system, power plants, etc. In-situ Metallography allows for quick on-site evaluation of a component.
There are numerous advantages in using in-situ/field metallography, our microscope portable with the magnet stage, that can be easily attached against the surface of any ferrous material at any angles on flat and curved surfaces. Can be use manual eyepiece, DSLR camera (easy operation and can save the image) or using digital camera with analysis software.
We have portable grinding polishing using is a battery powered and etcher designed for metallographic sample preparation in field or in laboratory. This unit is containing maintenance-free batteries to work without stationary mains, consists of a control unit and a precision hand-guided grinding-polishing device with high performance micro motor.